Purchasing life insurance can be one of the most thoughtful and responsible things that a person could do for their loved ones, but isn’t it a bit of an oxymoron?!? Think about it. Shouldn’t it really be called “death insurance”?? After all, your loved ones can’t benefit from it until the inevitable happens and only God knows when that may be.

What about all of the other “things” that can happen to us during our lives that we need to be prepared for…especially if we become a homeowner?! A home is one of the largest, most expensive purchases we will ever make. Although it is very much worth it, a home is an investment that we will spend a good bit of our lifetime paying for.

What if, during our lifetime, something unfortunate happens? Heart attack? Stroke? Cancer? Car accident? If we survive, we can end up disabled or even bedridden. At that point, we will likely be unable to work, suffer a loss of income and we won’t likely be able to provide for our families?? It’s a domino effect. But… we’re still alive, right?!

For many, this is where a good, well- structured Mortgage Protection program can help. We at The Mortgage Protection Help Desk are fond of this type of insurance because it has “living benefits”. Sure, it’s great if you have AFLAC (quack quack), but that particular disability insurance will only be able to pay for so much. What about the rest of your living expenses?!

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to worry about how your bills will be paid?? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if nothing else, your family will be taken care of?? Wouldn’t it be reallllly nice if you were SO blessed that you never needed to use the benefits and ended up receiving up to 100% of your Mortgage Protection program premiums back??

Well…it can happen!! Book an appointment with us now for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our licensed, certified Benefit Specialists. We will be happy to help structure the best Mortgage Protection program to fit your budget!!

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